Internet connection help pls.

Not sure if this is correct place, but we have so much diverse knowledge on hukd Im trying here first (computor :geek: sites scare me)

Im having a problem with my connection and wonder if any of you can help please.
It keeps disconnecting, for no apparent reason, like the phone line has been unpluged, it isnt and its in tight both ends.

The little green arrow is green when connected, then if I change thread or page it will go red ie. disconnected, then I have to wait til it resets, goes yellow then green then I have to press connect button again.
This is happening quite frequently, and its starting to gnaw my gnads :x

Im with Tiscali btw, anyone with similar prob, or even better a fix,



I had this happen to me a few months ago and the next day it was fine ..and has been ever since...sometimes it's a BT exchange fault or BT performing maintenance work.

Are you using a wireless router??? if so try disconnecting and reconnecting the power cord as a reset of the device sometimes solves this problem.

Have you asked your neighbours if they are having the same problem?

We were offline intermittently for several days and then completely for two weeks this month. We are with BT and their Internet Services had us checking every connection and piece of equipment many, many times. They wanted us to check our computer too but lost interest when they discovered that we have a Mac. They insisted that the fault wasn’t at their end or on the landline and eventually but reluctantly, replaced our router.

My OH went shopping and discovered that a 100ft long trench had been dug in the pavement at the end of our street. The workmen said they were digging it for BT, as there was a serious fault on the landline.

We asked several neighbours and were inundated with stories similar to ours. In fact BT has been responsible for most of our district being offline for the best part of the month.

We now have a new router and several months rebate for the inconvenience.



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Not wireless, but I try disconnecting modem now and then, still no better.
I dont know were the fault is, it happens maybe 6/7 times of an evening:x you can imagine how much of a pita that is.
I thought maybe it was a virus or spyware or something so i ran all checks i have (spybot, avg, defender) all clean.

Is this broadband ?
I had the same problem but with BT. It turned out that the problem was the size of the broadband service. I had 2 Meg but the actual telephone line could only take 0.5 meg. It was the distance from the exchange. I had to go back to 0.5 meg service.


Is this broadband ?I had the same problem but with BT. It turned out that … Is this broadband ?I had the same problem but with BT. It turned out that the problem was the size of the broadband service. I had 2 Meg but the actual telephone line could only take 0.5 meg. It was the distance from the exchange. I had to go back to 0.5 meg service.

Quite right grimm6 ..my daughter had exactly the same problem with her broadband (tesco) because she was so far away from the exchange...the strange thing is that it worked at first and now she's been told that she will not get broadband at all...it must be something to do with the huge new build scheme that is going on in her area....if I couldn't get broadband I think I'd have to move.

IS your phone line working ok? Your voice calls aren't dropping are they? Do you have only the one socket or do you have extensions about the house? If you have extensions about the house find the master socket (large socket and providing you have one) unscrew the 2 screws at the front and remove what is known as the face plate, this will reveal a test socket behind, plug your filter and your router/adsl modem into this point and connect it to the PC (may mean moving the PC) if the broadband continues to drop out (and after you've tried another modem if possible) report the fault to your ISP and not BT.
Any more help just ask

Just out o curiousity what area code you in (eg 01623) and how far roughly are you from your exchange.


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Im 01628 Maidenhead, no idea where the exchange is.
We have one master and a bedroom ext, phones have been ok.
Seems better this evening tbh.
I think I will replace the main phoneline plug-in plate, its a bit sketchy after a bit of "investigating" ie. off the wall now :roll: , but still working!

West Street & St Cloud way, is where your exchange is, you far from this? If you have any more bother plug the modem into the master socket (the test socket) and see if your connection is ok then.
Run a quick line test on your line to make sure it isn't a BT fault, call 17070 (free) from your landline select option 3,1,2,2 and wait for the automated service to ring you back if all is ok you should here line test ok, there is a fault on your line if you hear, loop, rectified loop, battery contact (then a voltage) or earth contact.


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Thanks Paddy, useful info.

[SIZE=2]No problems, need any other help/info just ask[/SIZE]

If you have Sky phone connection, try to disconnect it from master socket. When I was renting house, Sky wire was connected to master socket and I had to cut it off (as I had no Sky box and no intention to have it in a future).
Also can you try different line filters?

We were instructed by BT to test the line. After our third attempt we managed to convince BT Customer Services that our master socket did not have a test socket. Then we were told that the router must be moved away from any tungsten lamps or speakers!

Meanwhile they were digging their trenches half a mile away but telling us that the fault was within our premises.

Old type master sockets (same size) as an extension socket dont have the test socket, so proving a fault off your equipment and onto BT's can be difficult.

There was a fault on the BT line but they would not admit it. Instead they had us jumping through hoops testing every piece of our equipment. They knew that there was a serous fault in our district as most of our neighbours were also off line.

It therefore seemed obvious to suggest to the OP to make sure that BT were not the culprits, before reorganising his PC set up.

BT will always try and get you to prove the fault off your own equipment, by using the master socket, my Nana had a fault which I knew was outside I phoned up reported it so I could get the job the next day and they still told me to all the stuff with the master socket. It's just to stop you getting charged for a openreach engineer visiting.
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