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    My parents asked me a question last night that has got me thinking, so I've come here for advice from all you great people!

    They are thinking about moving to a new house in the middle of nowhere and there is no cable connection or fancy stuff like that - just an old traditional phone line. Would they be able to get broadband there?

    I'm assuming that a cable can't be installed, but Virgin Media (who are the only ISP we have experience with) always say that you can get their services down a BT line. And BT offer internet don't they, but does this all require more than just a phone line being there?

    I know there is satellite options allowing you to get access from anywhere, but this isn't really a path they want to take. So any information/advice on this area???


    I've got Sky Broadband which goes through my phone line, as there is no cable where I live.

    It just means you'll be limited to who you can and can't go with, and also limited to how much bandwidth you can get - I can't get higher than 3mb.

    satilitte is way expensive like £100s

    There are two types of broadband for home users.
    Cable - through Virgin Media's own cable direct to the house.
    ADSL - through a BT phone line, with broadband piggy-backing it.

    Cable is only through Virgin Media.
    ADSL can be through thousands of different people. They all, in effect, use the BT broadband network, then connect into their own. So if you get Pipex, Sky, Wanadoo, AOL etc etc, they all use your BT phone line. Virgin Media over ADSL is very different from Virgin Media over Cable - but so they can guarantee they get as many customers as possible, Virgin Media offer it..
    The quality of the line for ADSL determines how fast a speed you'll have. If you're in the sticks, then chances are you'll be a long way from the nearest exchange, and the broadband you'll get will be quite poor.
    Most places will do a quick on-line check which will go some way to determining how fast you'll be.

    My own experience is that Virgin Media over BT phone line was absolutely total rubbish. But Virgin Media on cable is superb.

    And my own advice will be to look at Talk Talk and Tiscali who offer pretty much free broadband if you take their approx £20 a month "All Calls Inclusive" phone deals.

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    Ok thanks people. So at least it is possible to get broadband. They'd only be using it for email and general browsing so huge speeds aren't really necessary.

    How come you can now get up to 3mb down a phone line when a few years back you were limited to 56kbps? This is confusing stuff lol

    56k is a dial-up connection, the internet connection is just like a normal phone call. Broadband down a phone line uses a higher frequency effectively a different area to what the phone line uses. Thereby you get faster speeds and your phone still works while you have internet connection.

    really does depend on where they are moving, proximity to the exchange, cable quality etc but from what i've heard the best attempt at getting you running will be made by bt themselves, rumour has it they won't make much of an effort to connect you for the other companies to take the profit
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