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    Hi all,
    I have had problems with my internet connections for 4 years, it always disconnects oftenly. I have changed my internet provider i have tried wired and wireless but nothing seems to work, it seems that there is something wrong with my computer itself. dOES anyone know what it could be and how to fix it.


    If you have had the same pc for 4 years then I would strongly reccomend a re-install of your operating system as you have probably clogged your pc with useless stuff which will slow your pc down.
    You should also check your wiring if you can ESPECIALLY the filters, one way to quickly do this is to plug the router/modem into the main socket and unplug ALL your phones.
    Another check you can do is pick up your telephone and press a key then listen for any noise on the line.

    Hope that helps someway.

    Have you put an adsl filter on your sky phone socket?

    Couple of things I can think of:

    ]Ring-wire removal.

    Contacting your ISP about a possible fault on your line. Tell them you want a BT engineer to check it out.

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    Tried it all

    You may also want to try:…exe - TCP Optimizer

    Ensure you are using optimal settings.

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    two other pc's work fine in the house

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    [QUOTE=PhearFactor;5967361]You may also want to try:…exe - TCP Optimizer

    Ensure you are using optimal settings.[/QUOTE'b,;;,ln

    sorry bot what does that do

    Any error logs from the operating system? Although making sense of the messages they contain can be frustrating.

    i suggest a good install of adaware anniversary edition - let it take all the time it needs for a full scan. I belive you may be surprised what has slipped thru your current protection to make your pc run / act so bad.

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