internet coupons not taken in Tesco

soliel clic ,went to tesco for my razor to be told they do not take internet printed vouchers.
Can you tell me why.


they like to think they are 2 different buisinesses

i have not had any problems with those coupons at my local tesco

I've been able to use them too, why don't you try a different day and a different sales assistant?

Welcome to HUKDs valgadd, just notliced this is your first post! :-D

Tesco may be able to tell you why, call 0800 505555.

Hi Not had any problems either!

I've used them several times with no problems. Ask to speak to a manager if they refuse them.

sounds like they could not be botherd

Just tell couponnet - they'll get on the case with Tesco for you.

hey, welcome to hukd!!
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