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    hi my dads just moved house today and hes not got virgin media set up yet so i was thinking of buying him one of these dongle things so he can go on the net till he sorts it out, are they straight forward enough, hes got a pc not a laptop, do they just plug in usb then you can get straight onto the net or is there alot of messing about to do, ive never used one before so was just wondering how they work. thanks


    just plug into usb, it will have an auto setup for drivers software etc, so as long as u got credit on it, yes it is pretty straight forward to get online with them

    Very simple to use i am on mine now. Just plug in run the auto set up and away you go. Just have to watch your download limit or it can get a bit pricey. Plenty pf cashback available through Quidco also, i think i got £90 back from Vodhone for a 12 month contract (£15 per month, 3Gb limit).

    You can buy them with a prepaid balance. like a £10 phone card and then top up when your credit runs out. this saves any unexpected bills. I think BT do this

    One word of caution is that you really need to ensure that you are within a really good coverage area for 3G as running data across GSM does not work! .. if you are in the fringes of 3G coverage indoor reception is normally a bit sporadic.

    I would suggest checking on the 3G coverage checker for your chosen operator to ensure sufficient coverage


    they are as slow as i dont know what. worse than dial up


    a) Make sure you get very good signal
    b) Don't go over download limits.
    Other than that, they're fine!


    they are as slow as i dont know what. worse than dial up

    Depends where you are, when I was at my parents miles from town my 3G dongle got no signal but my 3G mobile got 1 bar and my dads Vodafone dongle worked but was worse than dial up.

    At the last 3 places I have lived my 3G dongle gave me very fast broadband and my friend loaned me his O2 dongle that got over 1 meg speed almost all the time,

    I have a dongle for my lappy when out and about for work - gets around 3.5mb download most of the time and the upload is faster than my VM 20mb wired connection at home.

    Plenty fast enough
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