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I'm off to London for a week in August, I'm not keen on paying the extortionate hotel rates for wifi access. What is the easiest/cheapest dongle out there? Any network is fine.. I'm on O2 for my mobile, if that can get me a discount? I don't mind what network, and would rather it was PAYG!

Many thanks!

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Just thought I'd let you know that Three (3) are £10 for 1GB of transfer, which is awful in my books. You can get it much cheaper if you buy a 12m+ contract but I doubt I'd want to stick with them for that long.

its 5quid for 1gb with three

but you have to get your own modem dongle.

What phone have you got? If you have a data package you might be ok with that as a modem for light use.


If you know where you'll be staying, it might be worth doing a coverage check for each of the networks for that area.

If you have no data plan, don't mind a credit check and there's coverage, you could get one of these for 99p, register, then cancel it.
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£15 for 3gb including dongle and next day delivery aint too bad…htm

This is £21.99 and has 3gb data pre-loaded

Vodafone PAYG Mobile Broadband USB Stick - White. 549/0677
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A lot of hotels now offer free wifi Its worth looking around.

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Thanks for the advice guys - probably going to go with the £15 O2 dongle.

I'm only staying a Travelodge - last time I did though the wifi prices were extortionate. However I am with BT for my home line, maybe Travelodge have one of those BTFON hot spots? Didn't want to chance it and find they didn't.. so I'll probably take a dongle just in case!

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Received my O2 dongle today, the 3GB/1 month one. Can I top it up? Or is it useless after 1 month or the 3GB allowance is gone?

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