internet explorer 7 for vista - help needed

    ive got internet explorer 8 and want 7 back ive searched everywhere any ideas were i can get it.

    thank you in advance


    You would need to uninstall current internet 8 exsplorer and download old one if you can get your hands on it.Sometimes if you restore your computer to factory setting that should take care of the problem,but you might have to contact whoever made your pc(let's say Dell).The best thing to do though is to contact your internet service provider and they should be able to help you with that and it's free of charge,because you are paying them for their services by having internet with them.
    Hope it helps


    Start>Control Panel>Programs and Features> on the left click 'View Installed Updates'

    scroll down to Microsoft Windows find Internet Explorer 8 and uninstall

    then get IE7 from here…e7/

    Hi Tara

    Go to control panel>program and features>installed updates (under tasks on left) >IE8 updates in there somewhere just uninstall .I had to do it a few days ago i hated IE8 had loads of errors loading pages etc taking ages.


    Why not just run a system restore?

    Original Poster

    thanx chaos it all worked fine - rep for all who helped thank you
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