Internet Explorer 9 (RC) is available...

Found 10th Feb 2011
and aparently, it's fast and safe! Links in thread.
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Tried the beta, hated it.
No,Just no.
I'm a FF man myself, but I'll give it a try.
shame it took them this long to bring out a good browser. they lost too many who prob wont come back. oh well. firefox ftw.
FF here.
After a very quick comparison, IE9 is quicker than FF. But I still prefer FF.
google chrome all the way. only reason to use ie is in a domain for kerberos authorisation.
Yeah im with chrome, super quick browsing.
I went IE - FF - Safari - Chrome. Still use Safari on the Mac.
Firefox is the ONE
used to use ff but chrome is way quicker for me.

might check out a new ie but doubt i will go back.
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