Internet Explorer opens a Blank Page Randomly

    When I start up my PC after about 4 mins IE opens with a blankpage and I have to Control Alt Delete to get to task manager to close page. The white screen covers the whole screen and I cannot get anything else up.

    Recently installed Incredimail and firefox, McAfe virus scan clear. Any Ideas?


    Download spybot search and destroy, or any other spy/malware scanner

    and yea, get firefox :thumbsup:



    Microsoft found a major flaw in Internet Explorer which could lead to your computer being taken over by hackers!


    What you need to do is..

    1.Update your computer

    2. Scan your computer for Viruses and spyware.

    Id recomend you download Malwarebytes and Spyware doctor as they are brilliant. Both free and easy to use



    3. Use Firefox! Much faster, Much safer...and quite simply... The Best.



    He He It wasnt Microsoft that found it!Microsoft have hastily bought out … He He It wasnt Microsoft that found it!Microsoft have hastily bought out a fix for it. Much like plugging holes in a sinking ship!

    LOL OK, Hackers found the flaw and exploited it...Hence alerting microsoft to patch it up :thumbsup:

    I would take out Incredimail, I installed it once and had all kinds of probs, you can always put it back.

    A good free scanner for all sorts of bugs/viruses is MALWAREBYTES - just search for it. I was shocked how many bad things I had on my system and I already have anti virus installed!!!

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all the replies, I tried some and have sorted the problem, I had already removed firefox now reinstalled. The problem appears to have been incredimails screesaver and wallpaper prog once removed all fine
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