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    I am using a bthomehub v1.5 and at certain times like 5 minutes ago, my download speeds take a sudden drop and i get signed out of the playstation network, and im unable to sign into the psn for longer than 10minutes, although the internet still works, these slow speeds will continue and unable to sign into psn for longer than ten minutes until around 1-2am


    WIfi ?

    wireless or ethernet ???

    i have homehub and the wireless is **** ...... never stays fast..... bt sent us a new box and no change.... i think its to do with the amount of people using wireless in our area so im now using ethernet :lol:

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    WIfi ?

    yep wi-fi but it happens on my pc thats connected via ethernet too



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    contention ratio, coming in at peak time?

    You really need to contact BT then as they can do a line check and may be able to speed things up.


    I trust you have full security on (WPA2) and a neighbour hasnt hacked into your bandwidth?
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