Internet help.

    Righ what it is, i am wanting to take my laptop outside and still be able to work it. I think you can get something so it works outside. anyone have an ideas what its called.
    Im currently with BT for mt internet and use a Hub.

    Advice welcomed. thanks.



    wirleess router i think is what your looking for

    we have a belkin one for bt and we have also tried dlink 604t / 624t

    or other option would be to create a wirelss access point on your main computer for your laptop to connect to to get the intenet off of but easier just getting a router


    our internet is connected like this

    belking router to bt
    room 1
    2 pcs cabled via cat cables to router
    1 cable from router to solwise home plug thats in to the mains socket

    room 2

    solwise home netowrk plug then cat cable to 5 port network dlink hub
    then cable from hub to laptop / xbox 360 / wii

    room 3

    solwise home plug
    cat normally in bedroom for me wanting to connect laptop to if i cant get steady wireles connection

    If you have a hub you should already have wireless.

    To connect to it you will need to make sure that your laptop has wireless capability.
    [INDENT](If you don't have that then you will need to take your laptop to a PC retailer so that they can recommend the best option for you to add that functionality as there are lots of different ones available.[/INDENT]

    On the back of the hub there should be a sticker giving you information like WEP passkey and SSID. Write these down as you will need them soon.

    Enable your wireless and search for wireless signals in your area.. One in the list should be the same as the SSID you wrote down. It should be secured and then attempt to connect to that. Once you do so, it should ask you for your key, at this point enter the WEP passkey you wrote down before.

    Once you have entered this, you should be connected via Wireless and will then be able to browse the net as usual.

    I think you're either talking about a mobile broadband dongle, or a really really long cable. :thumbsup:

    Your laptop may not be wireless enabled if it's old(ish). If thats the case you'll need either a USB dongle/adapter or PCMCIA wifi card

    Original Poster

    No i think u misunderstand me, i have a laptop that is wireless at the minute but i want to go outside as the hub i use only lets me have access to a ceratin point, which is usually my back-garden.

    I want to go to my local park and be able to live broadcast, hence why im asking can it be done?

    you need mobile broadband then, which is an extra cost as it's independent to your home broadband.

    Have a look at any of the mobile providers websites for more info.

    Either scan for 'open access points' wireless connections that don't require login or get one of those 3g dongle things (costs though).

    Most McDonalds and some pubs and coffee shops have free wireless.

    Try going into google and clicking on maps then typing your postcode and pressing enter. Once it's centered on your address type in wifi and it should give you a list of nearby hotspots.
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