Internet help needed :-(

Hope someone here can enlighten me. I've been using IE7 for a couple of weeks now no problems. Today the automatic updates wanted to restart the laptop, so i went out to take my oh to work and when i came back it had restarted itself. The problem i now have is that whenever i try to type into a search field, say on seetickets or facebook etc, whenever i click on the box, the IE crashes and i get an error message saying, Internet explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close!
Ive got no idea whats happened, im having to use firefox at the mo but id rather have my IE back!!
Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance


have you tried the classic 'reboot'??

or even reset to last known good save?

If that doesn't work uninstall

Sounds like the auto update didn't install properly. Have you run the Windows update again? Do that, then try using firefox to download IE7 again from: -…spx

Original Poster

Ive restarted, do you mean system restore? Im trying to avoid uninstalling as much as possible. IE7 took an age to install!!


If that doesn't work uninstall

Uninstall IE7 using Method 1 in these instructions -…177

I wouldn't do system restore as it'll mean you'll lose any changes you've made since the restore point was created. Plus, it's a bit of overkill for the problem you've described..

try reinstalling it again

Take it to your local PCWORLD where they have 'experts' who can diagnose such problems..;-)

Being serious I haven't a clue but perhaps uninstall + use IE5
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