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Hey Guys,
Basically what I need is to be able to use my phone Internet and tether abroad without it costing me a fortune. Approx 2 weeks and I'll probably be using between 5-8gb.

Any suggestions? Three aren't kicking their offer off until september sometime. I leave on sunday


THREE dont support tethering when abroad
for that kind of use you will need an unlocked phone and local sim
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That's what I thought. Or possibly a UK sim that offers a good rate?

My phone is unlocked but looking into the above will be time consuming and my Greek is limited at the moment. I was in hope someone would be able to advise

I have a look on Ebay and amazon for a local sim when going abroad. Worth a try.

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I've just had a look at cosmote and Vodafone.. Theyre pricey

If i was tied into a vodafone contract then their allowance includes roaming in greece. I cant see a 30day rolling offering it

ebay 4gb data sim

How much are you expecting/wanting to spend ?


ebay 4gb data simHow much are you expecting/wanting to spend ?

Op is going on holiday Sunday
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