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Found 20th Feb 2009
Hi guys
Got an issue with my internet im with BT, and was using the default white home hub, then i rang up and we're now on option 3 and have been given a black(the newest) home hub.

But.. now my internet is dog slow, my ping on games is 120(when it was like 10-20 before) and my downloading speeds have dropped significantly.

I am running it wirelessly, but i was before, could the homehub be an issue in this instance?

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Have you tried switchign everything off, unplugging everything, then waiting 20 secs, then plugging in the wires then turning it back on. I know it sounds really simple but could work. also try ringing bt and if put on an automated thing keep pressing * everythime they say something and you should go through to a person immediately (used to work not sure about now)

had exactly the same prob,upgraded to the unlimted package and tinternet went sooo slow...i rang them and threatened to cancel cos there was such a difference and the guy on the phone got an engineer out and had it fixed the next day...was really good customer service as he rang me back 2/3times till he'd found the prob and constantly kept me informed...he then phoned a week later to make sure i was happy+everything was working fine.
ring them and say ur very unhappy-they mite do a few things over the phone with you and will sort it for you.
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