Internet keeps dropping grrr any ideas?

    Hi since i have had my internet conection at my current address is never been that good,it will work for about 10 min then will drop its speed,msn signs out etc then after like a min or two it resumes and im back browsing ok again,im with plusnet and wondering what it could be,thanks



    You tried direct into the master socket with the faceplate unplugged? this eliminates your internal wiring ( unless star wired)as the fault. Any crackling/noise on your voice line?

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    im using a diff socket(in my living room)could it be cos im not suing the mater one>?if so i will buy a usb net work adapter and set it up from the master one

    It's possible, do you get any noise on the line when on voice calls? Is the extension you use a DIY one (bought from a shop).


    duct tape?

    I don't get it

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    no noise when using the phone which is pluged into the same socket

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    by the way we have two sockets so im not using a extension cable as im right near the other phone socket.

    have you got any filters on the line.

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    yes im using a filter with the phone plugged into it too

    Hello. Is it me you're looking for?

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    If you tape it to your self then its less likely that you'll drop it.

    oh we have a funny one here !:roll:

    You will need to plug the modem direct into the master socket with a filter, to eliminate and noise from line extensions or splitters that you may be using.

    Do you have any alarm system that runs on the fun network or any feature phones etc.

    any other phones,skyboxes faxes etc plugged into extentions?, they need filters too
    try removing the phone altogether, i've seen a duff one knack a dsl connection

    Just because nothing is plugged into an extension cable does not mean that It may not be causing the fault. As I said earlier, plug your router/modem directly in tot the NTE5 test socket This.

    Removing this "should" disconnect everything in the house. Now plug the router into the socket behind (with a filter). If you still get dop outs it's likely to be a problem with the local network/exchange equipment
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