Internet officially "bit crap" today/tonight?

    Anyone else suffering?

    Wasn't great at work, and it poor at home. Both Be Broadband, and usually spot on/brilliant.

    Anyone else? especially those on Be/o2?



    mine's been fine here in Lincolnshire.

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    mine's been fine here in Lincolnshire.

    Bleah. Probably my ****** line agian.

    Odd though, cos I'm synced pretty good, theres just an annoying pause before it loads normally - like dns issues, but I'm using OpenDNS and all is good according to them.

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    aha! Thats pretty much what I've been experiencing - except I haven't had a site fail to load - possibly because I'm not using O2/Be DNS servers, but its damn slow!

    Planned maintenance on thursday night for most customers btw, so hopefully its just related to that and will be sorted quickly!

    I can't even get to work through my proxy!

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    Network Please note: We are experiencing currently major routing issue that affects the access to some websites and servers.

    orange is always crap 5 time disconnected in 1 hour tonight, soon get ski

    I agree.

    Before I had a good connection and got owned by the rapidfire cheating *********

    ,,,now I have a crap connection and get owned even more by the rapidfire cheatin ********


    same probs here , using opendns and still getting slowdown on o2
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