Internet pages not appearing properly Help

    Most of the pages i usually visit are not appearing properly
    ex.argos,youtube,gamespot etc...
    Mostly images are looking disorientated or not just appearing at all.
    the webpages appear as if the were configured to text only even though that is not the case.

    Has anyone ever experienced this be4.
    any help would be very appreciated.

    Thanks in advance



    What browser are you using? It sounds like the css file isnt loading. It could be you have accidently disabled it.

    Try using a different browser ]such as this one.

    Which browser are you using?

    It might be that you have made it so that it it doesn't load images when loading a page.

    Original Poster

    i'm using internet explorer 7, have tried firefox but does still not solve the issue

    do you often clean your internet trace? it could jammed your disk

    try to flush the chache:
    in firefox -> Tools - Clear Private Data - thick Cache

    or you can use freeware such as CCleaner, or Privacy Mantra or Free Interne Eraser... just put these keyword on google
    ONLY download from its original source or trusted dowload site such as

    Or a forced refresh, using Ctrl+F5

    Original Poster


    Or a forced refresh, using Ctrl+F5

    Thanks it has worked.


    Thanks it has worked.

    Whoo hoo me!! :thumbsup: :w00t:
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