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    I am looking for the best deal on internet phones basically.

    I would ideally like a website or software that offers the calls to other computers for free and the cheapest available compatable phone based handset (I wouldn't like a stereo headset).

    Also do others have good recommendations for any companies or using this method of phoning.

    All I am currently aware of is skype which I believe is free and uses a headset and Tesco which is also free(?) and uses a £15 phone.



    i use the tesco one, the £15 give u £5 call credit for landlines as well, iv never had a problem with it

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    Can you also use the tesco phone with skype-like services?

    yes u can, the £5 credit wont work because its tesco, but the phone its self will work with skype, only thing u gotta do is find the drivers online for it to get the keypad fully working for skype, i done it and it works great
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