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    I've recently forked out for an iPod touch and docking station. It's now plugged into my existing hifi system. I don't have a radio plugged into the hifi and was wondering whether I can use it to stream internet radio.

    I've done a bit of a google and found fStream and AOL Radio but I'm having difficulty setting things up. I want to be able to listen to things like BBC radio, Classic FM and the like live. Can this be done? I'm not keen on jailbreaking the ipod (just yet...)

    Thanks in advance.


    yes u can do this but u need to pay for an app i believe its on appstore its like 59p called allradio or something like that its a brilliant idea and a good price if uve got a brand new 2.1 ipod just go straight the app store hope this helps

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    Thanks for the info. Had a look at the reviews and it looks like it doesn't support BBC channels at the moment. May purchase and have a play anyway. There's quite a number of reported bugs, though...

    is there any way you can play bbc radio channels on this?

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    is there any way you can play bbc radio channels on this?

    I recently purchased Wunderradio. It does have the BBC channels although radio 5 is often unavailable due to 'Broadcasting rights restrictions' or something. When it's not covering a live game it is OK. All the other main BBC radio channels are there and some local ones too.
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