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    Any thoughts or opinions on the best internet security software?
    I have Kaspersky & occasionally have problems - slowing down in particular. My experience with Norton & McAfee were much worse though. Any recommendations would be welcome before I buy the dabs deal currently on offer - 3 x machines £25.99 for Internest Package.
    Thanks for the help!


    I'm considering switching from Zonealarm to Kaspersky because Zonealarm has been pretty awful since the move to version 7.

    Bought kaspersky last month and its the best antivirus i have ever had. Would highly recommend. Don't find any problems it slowing down my PC at all got this on 3 pcs lowest spec Pentium 3 933mhz and its fine.

    i cant fault AVG to be honest.

    Kaspersky is great i have it on 3 pcs and on all my mates pcs.

    it does not slow down the pc.

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    Thanks for the comments - a great help in choosing. I'll go with Kaspersky.
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