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Posted 8th May 2021
Hey guys,

We're moving house in November/December and our 12m contract with Virgin for broadband ends this month, leaving us an awkward 6-7 month period in which we will definitely need internet at home (partner is WFH constantly in meetings and we live in a basement flat so mobile internet/tethering is not an option). Our needs for internet mean we will need at least something like 50mb speed, not fussed about higher.

As per usual with Virgin once you're out of contract your price skyrockets. Ours will become £58pcm for 100mb and Virgin TV (not actually bothered about the latter at all). However we can't negotiate a better rate in a new contract like we usually do because they're always 12m minimum and their exit fees are extortionate.

Our new place, a new build, will definitely not have Virgin or any other major provider as they will use OFNL (looks cheap and awesome!). So long term contracts with most ISPs aren't an option and I can't find any 'no contract' options with more than 20mb speeds (too low!) at our address - please don't link us to these as I've looked extensively and our address is not serviced.

So the only other thought I had is if any of the ISPs have more reasonable exit fees so we could have a decent deal on a 12/18m contact then just pay the exit fee when we move out. Anyone know which ISPs have a decent exit fee?

We can afford the £58pcm rate but I would rather not be rinsed if avoidable. To make it worthwhile the cost of 7 months broadband + exit fee would need to be less than £406.

We live in Redland, Bristol.

Thanks all!

Link to same post on Reddit if preferred: reddit.com/r/h…wl6

UPDATE - After finding no alternatives I called VM and basically went broadband only for £44pcm. Fairly good saving of £98.
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