Internet shoppers warned about electrical goods

    Consumers buying electrical goods on the internet in the run-up to Christmas are being warned that many of them can cause serious injuries.

    An industry safety body says as many as one in ten items bought online can result in a fire.

    Shoppers are being advised to take particular care when buying goods from outside the European Union, as they are often not designed to be used in Europe.

    "Faulty electrical products can cause electric shock, " says Kevin Sweeney, who works for a testing laboratory.

    "And of course, electric shock can kill people."
    No fuse

    At the Intertek labs in Leatherhead in Surrey there is a collection of "horrors" to underline his point.

    One is the charred remains of a sandwich-maker.

    On the bottom it is marked with the name of a reputable brand, and it even has the CE safety mark.

    But it turns out it contained no thermal fuse, so when it was left on it just got hotter and hotter, until it burst into flames.

    The markings on the bottom were just a forgery.


    I've bought PC cases including the PSU's but the supplied power cable had the UK plug but NO fuse . These are totally ilegal inthe UK .So, as the OP states , check the goods before use .

    Original Poster

    I will take this opportunity to remind people to be careful buying DS chargers as well. Many of these are also fake and dangerous, and a young child was killed last year due to a faulty one. Don't risk your life, your children's life and your home for the sake of a few quid, buy genuine.

    it's bull. you get the same anti-internet scaremongering spread every year, and it's always just a ploy to get people back into highstreet shops, where they can be buttraped for absurd amounts of money. ignore it.


    Purchased loads of dodgy junk from Hong Kong over the internet, all plugged into the mains. Been atleast 2 years now...

    Fire hazard here:…063

    OK, I know it is T3 magazine (The Daily Star of IT journalism) but plenty of other reports on iPhone USB fire risks.

    While it's the season of scaremongering and flagrantly patronising warnings, let's look at issues with the alternatives. Be wary of buying electrical goods from certain stores in the High Street - they may be dangerous and catch fire. Let's take this further and warn people to be careful of buying electricals online AND on the High Street. No, let's go even further. Why make the warning at Xmas time - let's warn people throughout the year!

    i hate u ,,, u have a daft opinion on every thread lol !!


    Well I bought my laptop battery from ebay hong kong for £25 and have used … Well I bought my laptop battery from ebay hong kong for £25 and have used it daily for 18 months with no problems, and I bought the cheapest one there and it's been great.I have an iPod mains charger aswell on the way from HK.

    SHOCKER! Electricity contains electricity!


    Had an electrician come round yesterday, he condemned our RCD board and said the guy that fitted it is a knob. So no matter where you buy your stuff you'll always get some knob making **** products.
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