Internet speed dropped

Found 7th Nov 2017
My broadband speed has always been around 15-16mbps until a few months ago when it dropped to around 12 and has never gone back up to the usual 15-16
However, I have spoken to my isp and they are unwilling to check it out as my estimated speed is 10-15mbps so they say all is working fine. I know it may not seem a lot of difference but going from 12 to 16 would be a 33% increase which I’m sure we all wouldn’t say no to.
any ideas what I can do??
it’s not the router as I have tried but my old one back in and still the same result
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Unfortunately there is not much you can do...
It could be utilisation on the line maybe more users on the area have signed up.
Can try rebooting the router or factory restoring it if using Wi-Fi try a speed test using your cable see if it's any quicker if its the same it will be what I said utilisation

My virgin fibre went from 60mbs to 10 for over 6 months before I went to BY because of it being over utilization.
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BT too? They only replaced our router after they did speed checks and got results of 0.6 mb/s, and even then they only gave the Hub 4 (the one we had before was Hub 3, around 2009/2011 time or something).

Our speeds are still lower than yours too
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