Internet Speed Is Slower On My Wired Ethernet Connected Desktop PC Than On My Wireless Devices

Found 19th Nov 2014
Hey everyone, im having a little bit of connectivity problems to the internet via my desktop PC.

We have BT Infinity with the unlimited data package. The Bt Router is located next to our main television in the living room, my desktop pc is upstairs in my room and its connected through an Ethernet cable via a powerline adapter at a mains socket (not an extension cable).

The speeds for wireless devices such as laptops, gaming consoles downstairs in our dining room (not where the BT router is) generally fluctuates between 60-70Mbps download and 15-16Mbps in upload speeds. If the wireless devices are in the living room (where the BT router is) then speeds are generally higher averaging at least 70Mbps in download and 17-18Mbps in upload speeds. If i connect the wireless devices via Ethernet cables then it constantly hits 77Mbps in download and at least 18Mbps in upload speeds with very minor fluctuations.

My desktop pc connected in my room via a powerline adapter for some reason can match the upload speeds easily, averaging in the 17-18Mpbs range. But my download speeds is on average 16Mpbs. Does anyone know why this is. I understand that distance from the router can affect download speeds, but i thought connecting the desktop using a powerline adapter would alleviate this problem somewhat. The fact that my upload speeds have not been affected is also strange, surely if distance was an issue then both my upload and download speeds would be affected?

I do have wireless devices that i use in my room, but they dont seem to have issues connecting to the internet or downloading/streaming videos or when playing games online. Though admittedly ive not tested the exact speeds yet

Is there nothing i can do to improve the speed of my internet on my desktop PC?

If anyone has any suggestions then it would be much apprecaited.

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Bring the PC downstairs and connect directly to the router with Ethernet cable to see if download changes. If it hits 77MB then the problem could be the power line adapters. If it doesn't it might be a setting on the PC causing the issue.
What rating are your powerline adapters? Also do you clean your PC regularly, I mean the operating system not actual dust on or in the case lol. I would say its the powerline adapters or your houses wirign that is slowing the internet speeds. Do you have a usb wifi dongle that you could use for your desktop for a test or even a long ethernet extension cable (they are dirst cheap on the Bay).
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faulty ethernet cable or router?

Correct ethernet driver installed and updated?

You don't say, but the low upload figures seem likely to be because you're testing over the internet. Generally networking technologies are symmetrical so it's likely that your wi-fi and ethernet is capable of uploading across the network at 70Mbps+ and you're only recording 18Mbps because that's the limit of your internet upload speed.

Hence, it's likely that the upload speed has dropped equally to the download speed on your desktop, you're just not seeing it because of your method of testing.

It's a little odd that your upload is higher than your download for your desktop but at given the quoted speeds are so close to each other I think that's probably normal variance rather than anything odd.

As for the main problem. It's down to the suitability of your electrical wiring what speeds you get over powerline/homeplugs. The cables weren't designed for sending data signals down so it's not like a dedicated ethernet cable where you know you're going to get close to 100Mbps (I'm guessing your 77Mbps result is again down to internet testing, are you on an 80Mbps package?).

It's certainly worth testing wi-fi speed in upstairs as it sounds like you may be fortunate in having a house construction that suits that technology.

Other than that, you could try a different standard of powerline/homeplugs.
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Hey everyone ive just spent the last 3 hours going round the house and testing the powerline adapters at different plugs. For each test i tested the connection via Ookla once a minute for 5 minutes. A total of 5 tests was conducted at each plug in the various rooms around the house. I've average the results to give us the following results:

PC Connected With Ethernet Directly To Router In Living Room:
74.9 - Download
19.06 - Upload

PC Connected To A Powerline Adapter In Living Room (different mains plug than where router is plugged in)
34.6 - Download
18.9 - Upload

PC Connected To Powerline Adapter In Bedroom 1 - (Situated upstairs directly above living room where the router is)
34.98 - Download
18.12 - Upload

PC Connected To Powerline Adapter In Bedroom 2 - (Situated directly next to bedroom 1)
20.93 - Download
18.08 - Upload

PC Connected To Powerline Adapter In Bedroom 3 (My bedroom) - (Directly opposite Bedroom 1/2 with bathroom and stairs in bewteen, . Directly above Kitchen/Garage)
17.4 - Download
11.77 - Upload

I did also switch the powerline adapters that were used to connect to the router and to the pc, there was virtually no difference in upload/download speeds so ive not posted that data here.

*Here's The Powerline Adapters I've Been Using Since May 2014 - TP-Link TL-PA211KIT

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upstairs and downstairs will be on different circuits hence lower speed. If you want better speed look at running an ethernet line downstairs .
So that's about right for a 200Mbps powerline, you are only ever going to get about 40Mbps it max with good conditions (short cabling, only one in line)

If you want faster speeds you are going to need to upgrade your powerlines.


TP link av600s are reckoned to be about the best atm, where you should see actual throughput of 70-80mbps.
This has recently happened to me where my pc has gone slower than before but I have had the adapters in since september last year and it has been fine since then but last month something went wrong and its gone slower any ideas?

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