Internet Tethering on iPhone

    I have a iPhone 3G 8GB on PAYG and today read on a website about Internet Tethering .. it said to plug in my usb cable and turn on the Tethering in setting which i did and it worked ..

    I unplugged my network cable from my pc and turned off any wireless network settings .. the Tethering on the iPhone was flashin blue so it was deffo the phone i was getting the internet from ... i then thought i might be charged as i am on PAYG but when i turned it all off it hadnt taken any credit at all ... so i called O2 to find out if i will be charged and they said its SHOULDNT be working that unless it jailbroken PAYG iPhone should not do this .. so i called Apple as this phone i have is a replacement i got from the Apple store after my original one had a fault and i asked them why this was working .. they said as long as the phone request Tethering and the provider gives it then its the providers that should be blocking it and its not a fault on the phone ..

    O2 also told me by using this tethering iam breaking my T&Cs and adviced me not to use it as they moniter data usage and if it goes too high they will cut off my bolt ons and basically my sim will be locked out ... woman on the phone from Apple rekons they are bluffing

    Does anyone else use this tethering in PAYG .. ?

    iam worried now as i use my iPhone to watch freeview tv sometimes on CatchUpTv for iPhone ...

    Thanx ..

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    Tethering can use a shed load of data, with the new caps you 'may' get noticed.

    Streaming (watching TV) will also use LOTS of data. I'd keep a log of how much you're using and make sure you don't go beyond 500 meg in a month (I think that's the cap limit theses days)...
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