Interview at PC World tomorrow.

Found 27th Sep 2010
Good evening people.

I've got an interview at PC World tomorrow. Just wandering if any of you have any tips for me. Like, what kinda questions I may be asked and things like that.

Thanks in advance
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If they ask you how much you think it costs to fix something, pick a figure, then double it.

Seriously though, good luck
Don't appear too knowledgeable and tell them you'd sell your gran for a profit!

If they ask you how much you think it costs to fix something, pick a … If they ask you how much you think it costs to fix something, pick a figure, then double it. :)Seriously though, good luck

I was about to say something along those lines!

Seriously PC World staff have terrible reputations as they often dont know anything about PC's in the slightest bar the Tech Guys I have been in the past and had them throw me a sales pitch with their face almost in a scrap of paper and not even looking at me.
Good luck.

If the pay wasn't rubbish I reckon I'd have fun at PC World. I'm good at computers I yam.
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tell them you are very interested in using high pressure selling techniques to sell worthless warranty plans to idiots who know nothing about computers-which in the case of pc world is the blind leading the blind.

good luck with the interview tho.
Make sure you know nothing about PC's and you'll breeze it.
do some research on pc world incase they ask you to name a fact about them or what they actually do etc, also its very usefull to indicate that even if they dont ask you about them you bring across why you would want to work for them and bring in some pc world facts to get bonus points :P and to stand out.
you should get up to date with technology as you have do understand equipment to be able to explain to some one different specifications or what some one should invest in i.e. to become a great sales person.
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dont do it.
dont accept the job if they offer it.

you'll hate yourself forever.

the tech guys instore are mostly self trained and I doubt if they have a qualification between them.

I had to sort out a laptop in our store that tech guys in a superstore had tested twice, for 2 weeks at a time. the service reports say they tested the HDD fully for 1 week, then 2nd time reinstalled the OS and tested HDD again. not faults found.
the error message still remained and the laptop wouldnt boot.

as soon as I saw the error, I indentified it as a corrupted CMOS.
why on earth they had been testing the HDD was beyond me.
the fault was either the CMOS battery or the CMOS chip itself.
given a screwdriver I couldve sorted it instore myself.

but I'm not paid as a tech guy and my manager told me it'd have to be sent to Newark.
if I did a job on a laptop that a tech guy could be doing I'm taking work away from someone in the same company who are paid to do that specific job. gross misconduct apparently.

laptop was sent away to newark and it came back with a new CMOS battery.....

dont do it.dont accept the job if they offer'll hate yourself … dont do it.dont accept the job if they offer'll hate yourself forever.

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How did it go?
Tbh I've worked for DSGi ( dixons, currys, pc world) and i've never worked with people who will rob your sales under ya nose after hard work to reach targets, liars, bullshitters in my life before I joined there.
I left within 2-3 months of joining after a week full of stupid "fives" training.

Tbh, If you feel you want to work for them great, but expect alot of grief of customers aswell as co workers using you to reach targets.
Good luck and all, but I would just use it as experience of interviews or if ya really need a job take it.
Thanks for all your input. Interview went quite well and I should hear back from them by Thursday Thanks again people. Greatly appreciated!
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