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Found 17th Mar 2008
Hi everyone,
On tuesday i have a job interview at a company called the Blemain Group based in Manchester city centre, its for a graduate management scheme, I graduate in May and will have a 2:1 in economics minimum, i was wondering are there any graduates on here who have managed to get a gradaute job, if so what do you think your main strengths at the interview were, and non graduates have you got any good interview tips that could help push me through the selection process
Thanks for your help in advance
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My tip would be to always give a specific example for the competency based questions they will ask.

Have at least 5 answers/examples ready, so you don't have to think on the spot......... most companies use same competencies.... such as team work, handling a difficult situation, communications skills or managerial experience
Google competencies for management schemes for inspiration

Oh, and relax, smile and think of at least two good questions to ask them!

(I have a grad post...not sure how!! ha ha)
Smile and shake hands at the start and end of your interview, look at the person who has asked you a question when replying and hold your hands in your lap to prevent fidgeting. Dress smartly and sit up straight.
I used to interview people for jobs and it is very tedious, seeing maybe 15 people in one day and asking the same questions over and over again.
Ask a few questions to show you are interested in the company and try to relax.
GOOD LUCK. :thumbsup:
enthusiasm to questions to supprise your interviewer(make them remember you
Dress smartly, be aware of your body language, good firm handshake and smile.

And, as everyone else on here has said, prepare a few questions to impress you are interested.

Let your personality come through and good luck! :thumbsup:

Let us know how it goes.
I went through the milk round process in nov for graduate accounting jobs

So my advice (some of which has already been given)

Dress smartly

Firm Hand shake

Eye contact

Know your cv as they will question you on this

Most of the questions will be compentacy based but have ideas of answers but dont have set answers incase they change the questions ever so slighty because then you will be stumped..ability to think on your feet is very important as i found out.

Dont panic if you feel nervous its natural

Find common ground with your interviewer.. I quicky found during my interview that all my interviewers (male & female) had an interest in sport so that made the interview more relaxed.. Dont worry if you go off topic.

One of my interviewers ended up talking about the difference between road running and running on a thread mill and we talked bout this for 3/4 of the interview (and i got that job)

Be yourself

And Finally good luck
A great question to ask them at the end is:-

Could you tell me what you like about this company that would encourage me to accept any prospectivejob offer?

I got asked this once and was stumped as I hated my job. We had a bit of a chuckle about it though.
It's probably something you've already done, but make sure you read up on the company as much as you can. It's good to show that you're interested and that you've taken the time to research the company.

Also, try to prepare some questions that you can ask. I always found this quite hard, but a good one can be 'What would a typical day entail?'. Although this was for engineering interviews, so that might not be so relevant in your job, but I'm sure you can think of some others.

Oh, and good luck!

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