Interview thank you letter

    For those of you that have taken an interview/s did you write a thank you letter afterwards?


    Yeah, keep it short........something along the lines of,

    Thanks for nothing you bunch of morons :thumbsup:

    Nope, I don't think it's necessary

    No, They should write you a letter saying Thank you for attending and by the way, you have the job!!

    If you want feedback from your interview for any reason, it might be a good way to ask for it, otherwise, I've never done it, or heard of it being done before.


    i reckon it depends on what the interview was for, if it was macdonalds then no lol, but if its like as a bank manager then would be a nice touch

    never had to do anything like that cos ive always walked out with the job

    Why waste paper and delivery fuel?
    Just say thank you after the interview in person.

    Original Poster

    I was reading around on the web about interviews and stuff. Maybe its just an American thing.

    An employer would not normally anticipate such a letter.
    Would be helpful to know whether you got the job or didn't get the job?
    Sounds polite - but is there a genuine reason for the letter - other than decorum?
    Might wish to consider how your letter will be perceived by a prospective employer.
    Either way good luck

    Depending on the role and how much you want to work for the company I don't see the harm in writing one if you wanted to. I imagine it would be put on file with your application/cv etc for future reference if you wasn't successful this time.


    no, unless you get the job

    often most firms dont even do you the honour of telling you that you didnt get the job

    as far as on file goes, the file is the dustbin, no-one looks in the files when a new job comes along, expect people to re apply
    and no-one says, oh, employ that person, last time they sent a thank you note....


    Yeah, keep it short........something along the lines of,Thanks for … Yeah, keep it short........something along the lines of,Thanks for nothing you bunch of morons :thumbsup:

    just what I was thinking

    no,unnecessary and may look as though you are trying too hard
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