interview tips..advice and pointers!

    i have an interview wih the nhs and was looking for tips..pointers and advice to help keep me calm..i clam up and stutter when i get nervous (not good!) so need any tips on good things to say and how to remain calm..rep to all helpers..thanks!


    Prep, prep and more prep Helps beat the nerves if you know your CV in minute detail and obviously questions to ask etc. Probably a bit late now but there is a great book called Great Answers To Tough Interview Questions - it's been invaluable in the past and you'd be surprised at how many of the questions pop up!

    This is great too btw -…asp

    Good luck :thumbsup:

    look on it as they want you more then you want the job (i know its not easy but it sounds good)
    look on as if its you interviewing them for the job
    about imagine them naked (not good if they are good looking)

    Just go in and be yourself.
    If theres a difficult question just take a breath and compose your self
    smile as well.
    and dont go into chewing gum lsitening to ipod ect,
    remember they are asseing you as soon as you walk in but just keep calm and you will do great,

    and good luck

    1st impression counts - firm handshake and look em in the eye with a winning smile.

    Like Shosie said be yourself.

    Just had an interview and got the job, all i can say is REALAX and stay positive that will help with the nervous keep your body language open i.e no crossing arms, look them in the eye and ask questions this will keep the conversation flowing. Get an early night and wear smart cloths and remember the hardest part is getting the interview so hardest part already done, Good Luck. ..

    know your cv inside out, do some research on the company that you being interviewed by, ie, how many employees, when was company formed etc - google them look at kellys directory etc.
    Obviously dress smartly, dont go in chewing gum or anything.
    Firm handshake - but not over the top, maintain comfortable eye contact, smile when appropriate etc.
    Think of all the questions that you'd like to ask them at the interview too.
    Remember they are not just interviewing you, you are also interviewing them

    Don't fart!

    Dress professionally. Look good, smell good, feel good. Deep slow breathing if you get nervous. Keep calm, and slow down.

    Good luck.:thumbsup:

    good luck please keep us posted on how you go x x

    I'd also add that one of the 'usual questions' is something along the lines of... can you tell me 3 positive things about your character and 3 negative. Start with the negative so you end on a good note. Ask questions, they always ask if you have any so make sure you have one (promotion opportunities/how long to progress yada yada yada..) I've been to interviews with NHS and there were 3 board members so be prepared, look at them 1 at a time (starting with the one who asks the question) when replying and add some humour where appropriate... Its a very endearing quality. Take a copy of your CV with you (they'll have it already but it shows that you are prepared) Sit straight, don't slouch, keep your hands still / dont fidget and best tip of all... BE HONEST. If you are nervous or shaky, tell them. Let them know that you have been really keen to get this job and you've been so nervous, a liitle honesty goes a long way and makes you look human.
    Good Luck!

    I had an NHS interview recently and it was a panel of 4, they like to see enthusiasm in studies/learning new things, they asked me to tell them a bit about myself first, then why I wanted that position, why I chose this career, what I like/dislike about the course...can't recall anything else but it was quite brief and simple, but this depends on the position your applying for.
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