interview today and bricking it

    hi people
    ive got a interview today but been told its 2 hours in total, 30min on english, 30min maths, debate test, 2 interviews. ive been for a few interviews before at my work place but no joy thats with only a few going for it,
    now the job im doing there two of us and only 1 perm job coming up (unfair i no) but also another 7 jobs but 22 people going for them.
    what can i do to make myself get a pass on this?
    i have 3 forklift licences and worked there 17-18 months

    any advice for me?


    Good luck just do your best

    good luck :thumbsup:

    show them that you are the best candidate for the job, sell your self but dont become arrogant. Use your experience and apply iit to the new position. A good tip for interviews is saying 50% of what you want to say, and 50% of what they want to hear. Good luck!

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    ok thanks people
    its just my nerves lol unsure what to expect in this interview as to why its 2hrs this time and 1hr before
    if it be harder?

    good luck hon - let us know how you get on:thumbsup:

    It might not be that long, they probably just allocate that time in case they run over. Try not to think aboput the time, remember why you are good enough for the job and think positive. Be friendly and polite and be yourself. You will pobably be asked why you are the person for the job so have an answer ready, I hate that question! Keep ralxed and you'll be fine.
    Good luck!

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    thanks for your help people
    may not find out till next week?

    Smile and maintain eye contact. Be confident in yourself. I interview in my job role and find I have more faith in candidates that have faith in themselves.
    Also - in the tests, read carefully and move on if you're not sure of an answer - revisit it at the end.

    Good luck.

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    I'll be rooting for you ] good luck!!

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    ok then shirt in or out?

    Original Poster

    button up to top or unbutton last 1?
    also cant find white shirt what other colour?

    Original Poster

    no not worn one since school and forgot how you do them up and miss is at work lol
    blue the best?
    they the only ones i can find

    Original Poster

    only find silver tie unsure if that goes

    Original Poster

    white boxer lol why
    yes it is silk

    Original Poster

    interview over and done with
    some trick questions i think i did ok we find out friday
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