intresting in betting but any tips or am i wasting my money

    as the title says am intrested in betting but dont know if is any good and or will i be wasint my money

    any sites with free bets that dont take moeny from you


    my tip is keep your money or become a book maker, you dont see many poor bookies

    the only time you are getting true value is when you sing up and get a free bet. After that your always getting the wrong odds to bet! saying that but I still dabble now and again.

    qudico do great cashback too

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    .....when you sing up and get a free bet.

    ya like karaoke :?

    read this thread…861
    this forum is useful…=41

    this is matched betting, where you put money into bookies to make money from them.
    You sign up and deposit when they have a promotion say deposit £50 & get £50 free
    its a risky deal but if you read the first link 4 times or so and ask for help in the forum, you should get along fine. they recommend start withj £50 of your own money, and with enough patience you could be earning hundreds a year :thumbsup:


    Quidco cashback site has lots of betting offers.

    I play the poker freerolls on William Hill. You need an account, but the freerolls are free to enter tournaments, and you can win a few dollars.


    ya like karaoke :?

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    As long as your not an idiot you should be OK, most sites offer a free bonus when you sign up (they usually give you £10-£25)

    The only problem is you have to bet your deposit before you get the bonus. A little work around is say for example on Sunday when Chelsea were winning 3-0 with about 10 mins to go you bet your deposit on Chelsea to win. You then get your stake back and a little extra which you then withdraw leaving you with matched deposit as a bonus.

    You then have to bet that bonus before you can withdraw but just do something similar to the first bet.

    Don't bother with big accumulators as they generally lose, a £1 accumulator though can give you odds of about 500-1 if you pick about 10 teams. They usually lose but if you only bet a quid it's no worse than the lottery.

    ]This site guarantee's you to win money, I have down it a few times with them. You can only do it a few times as it relies on the new customer bonuses but they are guaranteeing a win of at least £43.56 on this weeks ROI match which is a profit of at least 65% on your outlay.

    The link I gave is outdated now but they do give a phone number where you can phone the and they will guide you through it. It' a local rate number too.

    It looks a con but it's not

    Edit - They also guarantee it so if for whatever reason it doesn't work they will pay you the money themselves!

    Your best bet is to go through every betting company in quidco and take advantage of all signup bonuses etc at the same time. Easily done and you can get yourself atleast £100 risk free (because of the cashback) which can start you off. If you want to keep on betting you can then 'play' with this money and work from there:thumbsup:
    Done it myself and have got several friends to do the same thing re quidco. You cant go wrong!

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    ave never betted in my life,
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