Mine and Hawkio's new kittens....

    Pics in next post



    and Tigger


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    posted twice ooops

    Awww....they are soooooooo cute! :-D

    I want one!!!

    very nice

    very cute, and loving the winnie the pooh names!

    They are super cute :).

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    names are subject to change, they were both bouncing around the lounge this morning, lol

    Kittens are hilarious and sooo playful!
    Love the names .. mine have all got daft names like moo moo, cheddar and of course waffles!!!

    they are both lovely & ginger's too my favourite .... lots of fun for the next few months !


    Why are the pics posted by SteJosh? :thinking:

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    i messed up on the first one, lol

    I like the names too....they are so adorable!:)

    Very cute.

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    I love the name lucyfur bertv6

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    deffinetly, I love them to bits, lol. they are so territorial

    Lucy fur ... I used to call my mums cat lucyfer legs or lucy legs for short!!!
    Mine have a load of nick names too.
    I wanted to call my mum's cats - Morrissey, chaka khan (chaka cat) and Spudgun ... but she was havin none of it ... I wonder why???
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