Intro's round - music quiz idea but need help

Found 13th Apr 2008
Following on from the quizzes of late on here, i wonder if/how it would be logistically possible to have a musical intro's round?
It would be tougher than quizzes per se cos you'd not be able to google/image lol but not sure how/where to host the mp3 files needed?
Anyone, cos i'd love summat like this.
Just listening to some choons now as it goes, and heared the opening chords for Teenage Angst by placebo and it's *instantly* recognisible
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you could do them on rapidshare i suppose?
download them to you tube? I have a pop quiz on a dvd.. and thought it might be the best quick idea and then post the link ?
Good idea, I was thinking of something similar the other week but not 100% on the best place to host the files. I think maybe imageshack can host audio files - just checking now... ;-)

Edit - seems not audio - maybe youtube is the best bet. I guess there might be awkward legal issues also with hosting links to samples of audio tracks - daft I know but I guess it might be an issue :-(.

Best idea would probably be to combine all the questions into one audio/video file so only one link is needed for the quiz...
Hmmm, thanks for the comments but not sure it is a) feasible and as you say jah, legal.
Not to worry, i'll have a think.
Thanks for the replies

@Dogcop. Vass for goal of the season? Nice to see one of them lot not happy after the game mind
vass for the golden boot with that one or banana boot :gift:
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