iodine dressing

Found 30th Oct 2017
OH's fingers came into car's door yeah I know ouch :(...

We went to community hospital and she got iodine dressing but after 2 days it became really unhygienic , now question is where to get it as we need to change it.

Would minor injuries do it or a trip to supermarket would help ?

Thank you
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Go back to your minor injuries unit and do it sooner rather than later.
Any supermarket will have the necessary bandages - surely they would have told you how to manage the wound?

I think the hospitals are under enough pressure without revisits like this that are easily DIYd
Edited by: "moob" 30th Oct 2017
I've put a screw through my finger and used a piece of A4 and sellotape and it healed fine.

After 2 days the healing process should be fully underway - best let it get some fresh air and just protect it with something dry when sleeping or working (if it's too painful for your OH)

Iodine is a highly effective topical antimicrobial - to kill any germs
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