Iom Reaches legs eleven (11k)

    Well done mate, may there be a few happy days until we're celebrating your 12k!


    Yay!, My own thread again!, Thanks!

    How many posts should count as a milestone from now on?, Every 10k perhaps?, Seems like only yesterday I was congratulated for 10K's!

    Watch out EmmaJK42.....I'm catching you up!, lol!

    Original Poster

    I'm sure it was only yesterday? :giggle:

    Phew!, Nearly got concerned then, It was a week ago!

    Well done, only just congrAtulated you on 1k posts the other day

    I'd just like to make an apology to whoever pays for the bandwidth!, Maybe I could do some sponsored posting? or maybe for every hour i'm away from the pc its worth £1?.........

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    You really wanna make that money for that keyboard eh? :giggle:

    How much is it?

    How about every post is worth £1!, I'd be a millionaire in no time! :giggle:


    How much is it?

    New keyboard is £30, But my laptop is getting knackered anyway (and is 5 years old), So i'll probably get another laptop in the new year! :thumbsup:

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    Had a look at the Dell Vostro range? I bought one last month. Best laptop ive ever bought. Support is amazing.

    I'm using a Dell and its lasted well so far, So i'll definitely be getting another.

    Think i'll wait till the new year for the Vista bugs to be ironed out, Then go for a bargain!

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    Yeah. SP1 sounds promising.

    Well done on your 11k Iom!:thumbsup: :-D :w00t:

    Well Done Iom :-D :-D :-D

    *Crawls back into the shadows*

    You been on holiday Emu?

    (Didn't nick any pics did you? :giggle: ;-) )

    Yes... got back yesterday

    Lots of pics with the 350D... got to sort through about 700

    And it looks like ive killed WP :-(


    Shame on you. The IOM must be really dead.

    Original Poster

    Hijacking :giggle:

    Hows you JD?


    I certainly feel it needs hijacking, maybe by day-break we can have 11,000 posts too.

    I'm good thanks Tom, just having a break, the radio appears to have developed it's own mind - if it sprouts legs i'm out of here. How's yourself?

    Original Poster

    Not too bad, thinking of an allnighter really aha


    Having seen what I just wrote, i've edited, I can honestly say I am not sexually abusing my radio.

    Original Poster

    Hmm. Got any proof? :giggle:


    Yep, I have a video recording of it playing a happy tune.

    Original Poster

    Understandable.. hah

    Hows your day been?


    I went to the seaside!

    Original Poster

    Wow! I stayed at home all day today.

    Probably the same tomorrow -

    Then out with friends tuesday -

    Then induction at college on wednesday -

    Then unsure about rest of the week

    Start college the week after though.


    I know it was great, brought back memories, like the time I nearly drowned.

    Thanks for the rundown of your week, sounds like your going to have a great time. (Read that last bit in an american accent and you'll cheer up no end)

    Original Poster

    LOL haha - whats your rundown?


    I went to the seaside today.

    Probably the same tomorrow.

    And the day after.

    The day after that too.

    Thursday, I will say I won't go to the seaside today, but then will.

    Friday, I will cough up a large clump of seaweed, regret going to the seaside ever, later trying to resist the urge to go to the seaside but fail.

    Saturday, I will look at my fuel bill, cry. Then i'll apologise to the earth for killing it due to my emissions and vow to only walk, cycle or heely, anywhere ever again. Saturday evening I will drive round to the corner shop.

    Well that's in an ideal world.

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    Heck, its life haha - The incompetence of driving a few roads to the shop.


    I'm looking for something.

    Original Poster

    Like what? aha


    I'll tell you when i've found it, so far i've looked in the kitchen cupboards, a mysterious shoebox and my soul. You could guess, something that someone may want to look in those three places for.

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    A box of jaffa cakes?


    Now you mention, i'd love a box of jaffa cakes, I think I had some but misplaced them. I'll look for them at the same time. There's only one way to eat a jaffa cake, well obviously there are more ways, but you can tell a lot about a person from the way they gobble their jaffa.

    I can't find it, the meaning of life, I thought I found it once, death, I did a big speach in front of the crowd that surrounded me about it, then I was told I was being morbid and kindly asked to leave the hospital.

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    Poor You.

    I think you need to see a councellor.

    I can be a 'qualified one' for £10 an hour, maximum three hours.

    Will pay for IOMs keyboard (will take paypal, you must pay fees) :giggle:


    Do you really think it's got that far?

    Original Poster

    If it actually raises me money, heck yes.


    Fair enough, you're the expert, I really think I could have done with 3 1/2 hours though.

    Original Poster

    Fair enough if you use DISSEPT07 discount i'll give you 1% off, quidco tracks at 3%


    I want a sweater deal! Chuck in 20 minutes of sex therapy?
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