iOS 11 Public Beta now available

Found 27th Jun 2017
Hey guys. I've just seen that iOS 11 is now available to download. The new update brings 100's (apparently) of new changes to the operating system. It's the smaller things that matter to me, the classic signal bars are back

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iPad has always been a powerful way to work, play, and learn. And iOS 11 brings it to life like never before. New features and capabilities let you get more done more quickly and easily, making your iPad experience even more powerful and personal. Do with it what you will. Because now you can.

Wherever they are, they’re here.
The new Files app brings all your files together. You can easily browse, search, and organize all your files in one place. And there’s a dedicated place for your recent files. Not just the ones on your iPad, but also those in apps, on your other iOS devices, in iCloud Drive, and across other services like Box and Dropbox.

The new Dock.
Bottom line, a more powerful way to work.The new Dock is a foundational change for iPad. It’s now available from any screen. So with just a swipe, you can open and switch apps instantly. And you can customize it with more of your favorite apps. The Dock also changes as you work. Intelligently suggested apps — like ones you opened recently and the last one you were using on your iPhone or Mac — appear in the right side of the Dock.

Better in multiple ways.iOS 11 makes it easier and more intuitive than ever to multitask. You can open a second app right from the Dock, and both apps remain active in Slide Over as well as Split View. You can drag the second app in Slide Over to the left. And you can get back to your favorite App Spaces in the redesigned App Switcher.

Drag and Drop.
Give it a touch.Drag and Drop comes to iPad, allowing you to move text, photos, and files from one app to another. And because it’s been designed for the large Multi-Touch display of iPad, moving them around is pure magic. You can touch and move just about anything — or things — anywhere on the screen.

Apple Pencil.
More ways to make your mark.iOS 11 makes Apple Pencil for iPad Pro more versatile, powerful, and natural than ever. It’s more useful for all kinds of tasks, such as taking notes, getting work done, or simply being creative.

Instant Markup
Now you can mark up a PDF or screenshot faster and more easily. Step one, pick up your Apple Pencil. Step two, touch it to the screen. Step three, start writing. It’s called Instant Markup for a reason.

Instant Notes
Simply tap your Apple Pencil on the Lock screen and start taking notes immediately. Whatever you create is saved in the Notes app.

Inline Drawing
When you begin to draw or jot down something in Notes, the text around it can automatically move aside. And now handwritten words in Notes are searchable.1 It all happens on your device, so your private information stays that way. You can also add inline drawings in Mail.

Scan and Sign
The new Document Scanner in Notes automatically senses and scans a document, crops the edges, and removes any tilt or glare. Fill in the blanks or sign it with Apple Pencil, then save or share it easily.

QuickType keyboard.
Typing as quick as a flick.Letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation marks are now all on the same keyboard — no more switching back and forth. Just flick down on a key to quickly select what you need.2

Community Updates
archive imessages should have been done ages ago just like you can on whatsapp
Is this available on iPhones? If so how can we download?

Is this available on iPhones? If so how can we download?

Sydney871 it can be. It all depends what version iPhone you have. You will have to sign up to the beta enrolment program.…am/

Once signed up download the iOS profile and reboot your phone when asked. It will then allow you to update to iOS 11 public beta 1.

My only comment about installing the beta is to make sure you have backed up your iPhone as sometimes when in beta you may want to go back to the stable iOS release. I wouldn't want you to lose important data like photos or messages.

I've been using 11 on my iPad Pro / iPod touch and iPhone 6s with no problems though it's pretty sweet.

Thanks will look into this.
Anyones catchup TV working on IOS 11 as mine isn't?.
A couple of older apps don't work but I assume this is down to the new 64 bit system.

Apart from that all seams OK.
I've seen a few issues with beta 2 in streaming to the Apple TV. Other than that it seems ok.

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