iOS 4.0.1 now available

    Wont do much I guess, but it'll make the Signal bars look fatter and make it look like you have less signal than you had.. Here's hoping that it'll fix my iP 4 Issues..



    I have just been reading, Its not solved the Death Grip issue!!
    From Apple Discussion:
    DEATH GRIP TEST RESULT - signal still decays to one bar when held. So it is a hardware fault. I've verified using 3G speed tests that the signal is badly affected. This is a HARDWARE issue Apple, the sooner you realise that the better. I hold my phone in my left hand when browsing and use the right to control it. My palm naturally covers the suspect area, and signal degrades as a result.

    I have one on order but got to wait a few weeks for stock!
    I am now going to look at alternative handsets for £500 any ideas, still dont think I will cancel my order though just have a look to see what £500 will get me.


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    4.0.1 - thanks.. edited

    Ahh when is 4.0 bein jailbroken? Wana do it to my 3GS…910

    Lets see what bs they can make up for tomorrow...
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