iOS 4.1 Beta 3

    Can this version be jailbroken. also how do I go about intalling it though iTunes I have the file already.


    Hmmm... providing it's not associated to a device (developers privilege kinda thing)....

    Dock phone, fire up iTunes...

    Hold control and click restore, navigate to file and Robert's your mother's brother. (hopefully not bricking it at the same time)

    I upgraded yesterday and from a user point of view no major changes, fixes bugs really.

    Not tried jailbreaking yet...

    No 4.1 hasn't been jb yet afaik beta 3 is it 2 more betas then it should be ready for release it fixes the proximity senser issue apparantly

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    I currently have 4.0 installed but have been having problems with Wifi

    If I restore my ipod and not use my backup will I lose any apps on itunes
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