iOS11 iPhone reliable now?

Found 25th Oct 2017
Was hoping to update my iOS to 11 now but wanted to check if it's smooth enough to update on a i7, not buggy or slow etc.

Often new iOS releases are buggy so I don't update straight away. Thanks
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It seems okay, shakey start but I’m on 11.0.3 and I’ve not had any issue. I think 11.1 is due out any time now
Still has a few bugs but generally speaking is ok now.
Dont do it yet, its still buggy as hell
Don’t do it, most buggy os ever
Don't do it, 11.0.3 has killed a friend's iPhone 7 and my daughter's iPhone 6 keeps freezing and restarting with battery drain problem too
My iPhone 7 takes longer to open apps now.......
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