Posted 29th Oct 2021
I have a battery Ip cam that I just can`t get connected. It says to use the TUYA app but the QR code that gets generated cannot be read by the camera and therefore it can`t connect.

Through a bit of trial and error I can get the correct wifi name/password combination and therefore get it connected to wifi, but it won`t/can`t be seen as a device.

Reversing the QR code I can see how its made up and generating what I think it should be gives all the same results ( no device connect ). Does anyone know the correct format for a QR code for these things?

For a fully working camera from a different manufacturer its show in the format s:"network name",p:"password",t:"device name"

For some reason the qr code that gets generated but cannot be read has { at the start and end, but the s,p & t are also in inverted commas

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