IP TV - Feed keeps restarting

Found 26th Aug 2017Edited by:"numb3r9"
Hi all, hoping an IP TV guru can help here as I am new to this. I have grabbed an m3u file from cafe.net which provides all the links for me and can see the channels and indeed view the shows but after 20-30 seconds the feed stops and then restarts.

I have tried this on my LG TV (SS-IPTV), VLC (Mac) and IPTV (Android) and they are all the same.

Is there something I am missing here as people surely don't put up with this?
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Try it in VLC media player with loop on but it still might not work as it looks like you are using free links which never work well or last long at all.

People pay for IPTV servers so they have better quality feeds so that's what you are missing.
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