IP4300 - constant flashing orange light?

    Just printed off a leaflet, and now it refused to print anything.

    all i have a constant orange flashing light. Nothing in Printer Q, anything apart from taking the printer apart to solve this?


    Printers are strange and paranoid machines, pull the plug i say !


    ooo we had that, think it meant we where out of ink but not sure cant remember will ask the other half when he gets home as we had this problem.

    Yep. There is a lack or no ink.

    Original Poster


    Yep. There is a lack or no ink.

    brand new ink tanks installed only yesterday!

    take out and reinstall ink tanks - one may have a faulty chip.

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    still got the flashing light. I reckon (after advice from OP) that one of the inks has ran out, but no matter how I try, it wont return the ink block to enable me to remove the carts? :?

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    anyone got a direct link for the ip430 online manual?
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