Ipad 1 now or wait for a 10.1 android tab.

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Found 5th Mar 2011
Ideally I would like a 3g 10.1 android tab. Dont want to spend more than £300. Does anyone know what sort of price these will be when the various brands are released.

Or if £300 isnt going to get me an android tab should I get an Ipad1 wifi now.

Thanks Gav


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You mean something like this1080P 10.2" Google Android 2.1 Tablet PC ePAD … You mean something like this1080P 10.2" Google Android 2.1 Tablet PC ePAD WiFi PA06

Sort of but want it to be android 3.0 and capacitive screen. Ideally a decent make also.

I don't think any of the android tablets are going to be around the £300 mark, most likely to be 400 odd or close to iPad 2's price. Although, Samsung recently said that they might have to revise their pricing strategy for 10.1 in light of iPad 2's pricing, as they were initially planning on selling 10.1 for higher than Tab 7's price.

Well theres the advent vega?


for £300 you can't go wrong for an iPad 1 imo.

the samsung galaxy tab 10.1 will be priced at the iPad 2 point.

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Well I don't know what to do. By the looks of it I won't get a honeycomb tab in my price range and I'm not really an apple fan. I don't use Itunes and only apple product I own is an xbmc apple tv 2.

lol, you're dreaming if you think you can get a honeycombe tab for £300, 1- hcombe not even released 2- h/combe supports dual core tabs as minimum spec.

tbh, do you really need a tab? i mean tabs been out for over 10 years you didnt need one then so why now?- because of ipad?

for £300 you can pick up a quadcore laptop with surround sound etc

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Sedd33, I know there not released yet and that why I asked on here as long can't see no release prices on the net.

I have a netbook I'm more than happy with but also use my android phone a lot at home for browsing. A tab would just be nicer than using the phone.

After much deliberation (iPad1 / Galaxy Tab) I bought an Advent Vega, now have to say, out of the box, its not that impressive, however once you've replaced the stock with a custom ROM + a decent launcher app like ADW Launcher ex, this Machine is quite outstanding !

ROM / how to link I used


You can wait and wait for the right Device but for £207.00 today, this for me is the perfect choice...

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How do I get it for £207?.

Im waiting for the HP Tablet looks pretty slick.


How do I get it for £207?.

sorry I should have said, a mate works at Manchester Airport so picked me one up, tax free.

Most Dixon's air-side stores seem to be stocking them now
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