iPad 16gig wifi

    Hi I have a iPad 16gig wifi does any 1 know the best place I could sell it eBay but the fees cex offered me 170

    Thank you


    here ? after 7 days of course


    Local free ads and it will be gone in 5 mins

    I'm assuming it's a 1st Gen iPad.

    Either way, stick an ad in your local supermarket (Tesco, etc.) and as whatsThePoint says it will be snapped up!

    The Apple Store have them advertised, refurbished, for £289, here:…B/A

    Start a thread in Misc and wait to see how many PMs you get for people offering Just over the £170 mark...

    If you had followed the advice already set out in the thread you have locked, you could of continued your listing on. You will now need to wait 7 days if you want to list it here again.

    I will lock this thread as it stands as it could be construed as 'drumming up business'.

    Edited by: "Adam2050" 27th Apr 2011

    £250 bang it on avf

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