iPad 1G vs iPad 2G vs iPod Touch 4g?

Found 19th Mar 2011
So im in a bit of a pickle, seeing that the new iPad is coming out - i'm quite tempted to update my 3G iPod Touch to something newer. I know the iPad 2 will be pretty good, but seeing that the iPad will fall in price aaahh too many things to think about!

Just wondering whether someone would give me some personal experience on the products and answer some questions too

If i Jailbreak the iPad, i know you can get like a camera connection kit so does that mean you can facetime?

I really do want some facetime, but i will jailbreak any of the products i get..
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only real advantage of ipad 2 is the hdmi connection to hd tv and mirroring exactly what you see on the device to your hd tv.

the pod touch 4th gen is what i have and the retina display is soo crisp.

i might get ipad1 and stick with the ipod for face time and hopefully get ipad3 if they ever realse one.

Tbh iPad 2 out of em all if not then the iPod touch 4g it's what I hAve too.

Camera connectability kit is to transfer photos.
I got Ipad 1 and I'm quite happy with it, safari browser is bit slow but the screen is really good and I got it mainly for reading pdfs and this works quite well, new ipad is faster when comes to web browsing and maybe games, but tbh most real games work better on iphone
I have iPod touch 4g 32gb and I cannot fault it. Spot on matey.
i'm selling my iphone 4 so i can buy an ipad 2...at first when they released the ipad i thought to myself what a stupid thing to release (don't know why) but i have now been sucked in to buying one gonna get me a 32GB white one
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