iPad 2 - 16GB - GPS + WiFi

On the look out for one of these - don't mind which colour - anyone know where is doing the best deal?


i take it you mean ipad2 16gb wifi + 3g. tesco have them for £499 which is the RRP but they have a code which is spend £500 or more on electricals you get £50 off so if you buy some other cheap electronic item then it may be the cheapest deal. hope this helps other wise tesco do £20 when you spend £150 or more on electronics making the ipad £479.00 hope this helps codes

I may be wrong but I think to get GPS you need the 3G model, the wifi one will place you on the map but it uses nearby wifi to triangulate you rather that satellites, or so I believe

GPS? Don't you mean 3G?

I think TomBoy is right though, 3G might do GPS whereas WIFI will do satellites.

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Yep sorry I meant 3G

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I wonder what I can find in Tesco at £1?

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Tesco OOS on all apart from the 64GB white one - will keep looking...
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