iPad 2. Delivery - how long have you waited

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Found 18th Apr 2011
Ordered iPad 2 31 march

Estimated dates 25 April despatch
Estimated delivery 2 May at arrival

iPad 2 64gb wifi only in Black
Smart Cover leather in Red

How long have you been waiting
Did it arrive on time or before you estimated date


waited 45 mins at comet on release day lol

delivery due 2028 as i doubt i will be buying one sooner

3 days from pc world day after launch (delivered)

Hopefully picking mine up tonight :)!

Cool thread.

ordered online from John Lewis on launch day,picked up next day

An undetermined amount of time. This will be as long as it takes the iPad to prove its worth. This could range from a month to All Eternity, and will be updated at a later date when the exact value is known.

One plus point in favour of the iPad though, it provided one of last week's funniest London Underground moments when I saw a gadget nerd listening to music on his iPad tucked under his arm while reading a physical book Obviously he also had unnecessarily over-sized trendy headphones too.

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Ordered mine March 23 and is scheduled for delivery April 20. That's two days from now and it hasn't left Hong Kong yet.

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@ ravenheart - reminds me on the trigger happy guy with the large phone

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date placed 31 mar 2011 @ 9,22 pm
order dates moved

Estimated Shipping: 25 Apr, 2011
Estimated Delivery: 03 May, 2011

Estimated Shipping: 21 Apr, 2011
Estimated Delivery: 27 Apr, 2011

My daughters was due to be delivered from Apple on 26th April.It arrived yesterday afternoon. She has gone to work and has left it with me to play with. I am loving it and so want to order one for myself.
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