Ipad 2 Stock availability thread…..

Keep seeing threads pop up in deals saying it is back in stock in certain stores/places, thought it may be better to just have a thread in misc that people can update if they find stock!!


available in comet online, 16gb wifi version only £399, black one

it's the only one in stock!


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Just thought this would be a good idea, as they are popping up in deals on a regular basis, if I see any I will update this!

some people are having success reserving one from 9pm for a store of there choice on this link:


People are saying you may need to try over a few nights to get one though…. not tried it myself so not 100% sure

asayer, your above link isn't working for me.

No stock issues here...at my house whilst sat on my sofa


No stock issues here...at my house whilst sat on my sofa

lol numptyj, which seat did you taaaake?

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Sorry its past the 9pm now but here is the link again


I ordered mine on-line on 4th April. Site quotes 2-3 weeks delivery (and has ever since order). I've received e-mail shipping confirmation telling me it will ship on 3RD MAY!!!! arriving 10th MAY. RUBBISH. Wish I'd gone for Motorola Xoom.
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