ipad 2 will you be getting one

    When the ipad 2 comes out will you be getting one?

    What do you know about the ipad 2 so far
    When do you think its going to be released?
    Will there be flash for it?


    dont be silly

    A version 2 already?

    Yep v2= what v1 should have been at higher price to rip off losers who buy every single version.

    Hi, rumors are.... HD/ retina display or at least double the pixel, front and back camera, inclusion of an sd card slot, cosmetic wise it's thinner and back is straight and tapered not curved. It's rumored to have the new A5 chipset so it will be more powerful to process games and 1080p display. All this will pave the way for the all new iPhone 5 of cause.

    Great another stupidly overpriced/underpowered tablet.

    Give me one and I would use it but will never waste £600 on something so limited.

    Original Poster

    I dont own the ipad yet but looking to get one, so after seeing rumours above i think i might just wait

    i have the iphone 4 so will be getting the new one when my contract expires in dec 2011

    yeah will get one didnt get first gen.
    excellent for the kids and wife + facetime has changed the way i work.

    I will get one, I've got the money set aside for one already. I was going to get a normal one but thought I may as well wait
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