iPad 3G 64GB

    I am looking to buy one of these, i know they retail at 700.

    what i was wondering, are there any sites offering cashback when bought with this?, or any added extras thrown in such as itunes cards or cases like with ipods.

    finally, does anyone know if tesco or sainsburys will ever stock these, as i have discount cards for both of these in my family



    wait 6 months and they will bring out a 128gb then a 256gb. They are terrible for putting small memory in the newer stuff and then charging you again

    Tesco do sell the ipad.

    Currys cashbsck tracked and paid on a 32gb iPad fit me

    Best buy 14.89 % quidco try a used one from avf also

    blimey- £700- thought peeps were struggling in this credit crunch era

    seriously, re-think before you fork out the cash

    i know a lot of people who got carried away with all the hype buying it and then couple months later hardly use it

    too big to carry around everywhere and too small for everyday use

    good luck though

    Orange and "3" do a discounted price for 3G models when taken out with a data contract.

    £199 for 16gb
    £249 for 32gb
    £349 for 64gb
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